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to forge your own path. and so much of each of our characters' journeys is about, like, the precarious balance between forging your own path and giving yourself to what was written. and this act that happens towards the end of the book, i hope, is a moment of hope. my book is an attempt to kind of reconcile what i think is a version of a multicultural britishness that i always wanted to try and find peace with, growing up. and the title is an interesting one, given what you were talking about vis—a—vis the end of the book, and it sets people on the path, i think. nikesh shukla, author of the one who wrote destiny, thanks very much. we can give you an update on the
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world cup game as england are playing panama. you will see there, coming up to the 83rd minute. panama have scored, the 37—year—old baloy, came on as a substitute and scored their first world cup goal into the england net. a lot of people saying it was really poor defending from england. from about 77 minutes it was noted that panama had started to push their men forward. there has been quite a lot of scrappy play from the team. there was a yellow ca rd from the team. there was a yellow card for murillo for holding. england almost had a seventh for maguire, from a henderson assist.
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people hoping for a clean sheet for england, but that's not happening. six or seven minutes to go of the match and we will be back with the final score when it ends. more now on saudi arabia lifting the ban on women driving. it's being hailed as an important step towards modernisation by crown prince mohamed bin salman. earlier my colleague ben brown spoke to najah al—otaibi, a senior analyst at the arabia foundation, a washington—based think tank focusing on the middle east. as a saudi woman, she expressed how happy she was to see the ban lifted. it's fantastic, great step for saudi arabia to prove it is committed to improving women's rights. the ban on women driving has always been the reason why saudi arabia has an image deficit everywhere. it has undermined every step the government
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has undertaken to support women, every progressive step that has been taken has every progressive step that has been ta ken has been every progressive step that has been taken has been undermined by the ban on driving. so it's very important for saudi arabia. it has taken a long time for women to get this change, many years. yet, almost a century ago. this has been a public opinion issue for a century. it's never too late, it's the start. crown prince mohammad bin salman started this, and it's a step forward for more rights for women. you say it's the first set, but there are lots of things women still can't do. just outlined some of the things women can't do in saudi arabia. i agree with you, there is a list of demands after driving. women can now drive, but they can't travel without a male guardian. they can't divorce, they need the protection from domestic abuse. they can't
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leave a prison without a male guardian. these are very important things. for women educated abroad like myself, i would like to see women in leadership positions, women who can influence decision—making. i think saudi arabia has also started this, but very slowly. a few months ago we had a princess that was the first saudi woman to head a sports federation. we would like to see more women in leadership positions. women in positions of power. do you think this decision to allow women to drive could be the start? think this decision to allow women to drive could be the sternm think this decision to allow women to drive could be the start? it is. freedom of movement means freedom. it's freedom of choice. after that, you can choose to live anywhere, you can choose to escape abuse, and when you have freedom of movement you can do anything else. there will be conservatives in saudi arabia who are horrified by this reform. there have always been positions towards
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any reform. i can tell you that the majority of saudi people are supportive of women's rights. —— there have always been oppositions. i was proud of women going on the streets last night to show off their people cars, were waving and cheering and they were so happy. it makes me feel this is a real change, society is changing and opening up. the future will be great for this country. women campaigning for more rights, and young people in general in saudi arabia campaigning for reform as well. yes, 60% of the saudi population are under the age of 35. this is a push, it has helped the government to implement all the changes and all the reform that they want to do. and also, we are led by a very young crown prince, who understands the young population, and is just listening to what they say.
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ben brown. that was regarding the ban that has been lifted on women driving in saudi arabia. some of the uk's sewage companies are regularly dumping untreated human waste into rivers. that's according to an investigation by the bbc‘s countryfile. the programme found thousands of sewage outlets designed to operate only in the heaviest downpours are overflowing throughout the year. tom heap reports. when it comes to pollution, britain's rivers are facing a hidden threat from these, combined sewer overflows or csos for short. they're emergency storm drains that release excess sewage in times of extreme rainfall to stop it backing up in our streets and homes. they are legal but csos in coastal areas like these have been campaigned against for years. take your sewage somewhere else! now countryfile has discovered
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there are nearly 25,000 of these outlets across the uk dumping untreated waste into our rivers. they are only supposed to operate as a last resort. we discovered that some are operating throughout the year, dumping human sewage, which is a threat to our health, our environment and our wildlife. using requests under environmental information regulations, which water companies have to answer, we discovered that in england and wales alone, there were some 70,000 recorded spills of untreated waste in just a year. tonyjuniper from the worldwide fund for nature says our outdated sewage system has to change. we need first of all to be investing in the infrastructure to improve sewage treatment facilities. we need to be issuing bigger fines for when illegal discharges do occur. we also need to be doing more to create sustainable drainage around new housing estates and areas where we are creating lots of hard
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surfaces which are discharging large amounts rainfall very quickly into the combined sewer and drainage networks causing these overflows. in england, the water companies have committed to a £400 million upgrade of the country's sewers. meanwhile, in the north west, there are 2,000 csos operated by united utilities. so what's this company doing to relieve the pressure on a network that serves 3 million homes? this is a large open—to—air storm overflow detention tank. you weren't kidding about the large! amazing. what we try and do here, we try and store as much storm water following a rainfall event as we possibly can, and then when the storm subsides we return it back to the network and send it for treatment. meanwhile the environment agency says that water companies are on course to have about 80% of csos monitored, but that won't be until 2025. tom heap, bbc news.
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and you can see tom's full report on tonight's countryfile. that's at 7 o'clock on bbc one. new zealand's prime minister, jacinda ardern, and her partner, clark gayford, have presented their new—born baby girl to the world. facing the cameras for the first time since the delivery of her daughter, neeve, on thursday, ms ardern said she'd been blown away by the messages of congratulations from around the world, including an email from queen elizabeth. russell trott reports. mother, father and daughter, all doing well and presented to the world's media as the world's newest first family. new zealand's prime minister, jacinda ardern, and her partner clark, with three—day—old neve, appearing in public for the first time, apparently unflustered by all the attention, sleeping in fact, well, like a baby. we had a shortlist of names. we wanted to wait until the baby arrived to really see which one
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felt like it worked. but we chose neve because we just liked it. when we met her we thought she looked like she suited the name. also it means in various forms bright and radiant and snow, which seemed like a good combination for matariki and for solstice. for new dad clark gayford, it's also the chance to take a break from being in front of the cameras — his dayjob is a television presenter — to be a househusband. actually i won't forget the look on jacinda's face when she finally held the baby. it was all a bit of a blur for both of us but she had obviously been through so much and then finally the moment arrived, and she looked absolutely stunned and very, very happy. little neve shares the same birth date as former pakistani prime minister benazir bhutto who in 1990 became the first head of government
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to have a child while in office. new zealand's premier said she would still be consulted on significant issues and would continue to read the cabinet papers during her maternity leave and with clark by her side, looking after baby neve, time for some well earned sleep. russell trott, bbc news. game of thrones stars kit harington and rose leslie have married at a ceremony in aberdeenshire. the couple first met on the programme in 2012. guests at the big day included fellow stars from the hit show peter dinklage and maisie williams. let's return. we are entering the 94th minute of england's world cup game against panama. 6—1. four minutes of injury time. we are
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nearly there. panama, this game has been described as a history maker. for panama it has been fantastic because they have scored their first world cup goal. fantastic for harry kane, his hat—trick. basically matching geoff hurst and gary lineker at scoring three in a game ata lineker at scoring three in a game at a world cup. just a reminder that england's biggest winning margin at the world cup is three goals, so they have done superbly. everybody is hoping for a magnificent seven. let's just listening to the last few seconds. it is taking place in nizhny novgorod. attention turning to what england can do against belgium and then the knockout phase is that lie beyond that. england will have much tougher test than this to come, but england have passed this on with flying colours. all the damage done in an
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exhilarating first 45 minutes. john stones got two goals, jesse lingard scored a cracker... harry kane scoring that hat—trick. gareth southgate a happy captain, we hope. jamie vardy came on just after half—time. but the man of the match, possibly, in the number nine shirt, harry kane. shall we go to newcastle 7 harry kane. shall we go to newcastle? the fans they are standing on the table, celebrating. they would have wanted a clean sheet, i believe, but talk is through what is going on. we can see a little bit but what is it like? well, the atmosphere in newcastle, asiam well, the atmosphere in newcastle, as i am sure in countless places around the uk, is a joyous mixture of celebration and relief. the first
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time england have scored five or more goals in a world cup finals. who among the most optimistic of them could have imagined that before today. a hat—trick for the talisman, harry kane. after the second goal, certainly by the third, the mood was one of partying the afternoon away. some of these fans have been watching england through most if not all of 52 years of hurt. maybe just for today, you cannot blame them, you cannot begrudge the sense that anything is possible, that they could go all the way, and maybe, just maybe, footballers coming home. there was some bad defending from england. do you think they were getting a little bit lax in the second half, allowing panama to put the ball in the goal. well, it is interesting. as the match went on, even the very rare
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panama chances, and certainly the goal to bring it to 6—1, were being applauded by the england fans. whether that was ironically are graciously, who can say? by that point, they were past caring. it is a day that people will never forget. fantastic. we will leave you to speak to some of the fans. let's find out how the panama fans are feeling. you are in panama city. they have made history, it is their first goal at the world cup. right, and that is massive, that is great. it is a resounding thrashing, 6-1, great. it is a resounding thrashing, 6—1, they wanted better than that. they even thought they might get a draw. we were speaking to people before the game. it has not been that, they have not taken anything, but they do have that first world cup goal. how must the goal—scorer
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be feeling, scoring the first goal? his heart must be bursting even though it is a beating. the fans behind us went crazy when it went m, behind us went crazy when it went in, like they were winning the world cup itself. they will goal home soaked from the heavens when it started raining at the start of the game. the goal—scorer, 37 years old. he was substituted into the game, wasn't he? exactly. at that age, most football players‘ careers are done. there he is, coming off the bench, still able to bring that extra running that panama needed in the second half. he will be very proud, his family will be proud, panama will be proud to have got off the mark. yes, they lost 6—1, but it is about a bit of dignity and the fans i was speaking
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to wa nted dignity and the fans i was speaking to wanted that single goal. it has been important on that front, and is on woman pointed out, chile is not here, the united states are not here, the united states are not here, italy is not here, but panama is, so they are still proud of what they achieved even if they got resounded beaten by england today. the 37—year—old goal—scorer, as he came off the pitch, he was hugged by every man, woman and child, apparently. let‘s cross to sarah raynsford, outside the stadium in nizhny novgorod. they are streaming out. they are. you were just hearing from well in panama by the excitement there, despite everything. —— will. the fans from panama looked pretty subdued but when the goal went in, there was pandemonium forjust that moment of celebration, the onl one moment of celebration, the only goal that panama has scored in a
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world cup. a reason for a bit of celebration, but generally speaking, are fairly subdued crowd from panama. most people in the crowd we re panama. most people in the crowd were russian. but a very light contingent of england fans. probably only around 2000 but they were singing and chanting throughout and they had lots to cheer about it here in nizhny novgorod. no one was predicting anything like this. it has never happened before for england but it has happened in nizhny novgorod, a city that has not been on the maps of many people, certainly for england, but no, i think nizhny novgorod mean something. thank you. the boys have done good. 6-1. thank you. the boys have done good. 6—1. temperatures have been a couple of degrees above those of yesterday. more sunshine today, notably for scotla nd more sunshine today, notably for scotland and northern ireland. that will continue. a fine end to
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the day and temperatures will drop quite low across parts of scotland. for most of us, given that temperatures have been hired in recent days, they will not drop as low overnight. we are starting to get warmer nights. more cloud for east anglia and the south—east and cloud returning to the western isles, the northern isles and perhaps the north—west highlands of scotland, which may give the odd spot of drizzle. it will not be quite as bright and sunny as it has been today, but for most people, temperatures were also again, a couple of degrees upon today, pushing 29 or higher in the far south and east. the fine, dry weather is set to continue for the rest of the week. goodbye. this is bbc news.
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i‘m lukwesa burak. the headlines at 3:00. england score six goals for the first time in a world cup in their match against panama. harry kanejoins sir geoff hurst and gary lineker by completing a hat trick in a world cup. sarah rainsford in nizhny novgorod where fans are streaming out of the stadium after that extraordinary england performance. relief and rapture for england fans everywhere. 2000 supporters here in newcastle have enjoyed a result they could scarcely have imagined before today. but they will be enjoying it long into the evening. new measures aimed at halving the number of obese children in england by 2030 are announced by the government.


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